How We Measured, Cut and Installed Our Butcher Block Countertop

We’re still talking about the laundry room, but we’re in the home stretch! After installing our cabinets, we could move on to the countertop, which we actually started working on over the summer. But in Chicago, with nice weather comes outdoor projects, and so the countertop took a back burner while we laid pavers, built […]

Happy Countertop Day!

That’s what Scott and I said to each other this week, because you guys, we have counters! I was hoping to get this update out sooner, but if this kitchen re-do has proven anything, it’s that things don’t always work on our ideal timeline, and every step takes ten times longer than anticipated. In regards […]

Let’s Go Stone Shopping

Aside from our kitchen cabinet color (we both quickly agreed on white for uppers and lowers), there was one other big decision that would help the rest of the aesthetics fall into place – countertops! We know that almost all of the finishes in the kitchen will be neutral (think: black + white), and for […]