The Week’s End

High fives to myself for continuing on my weekend-to-the-fullest journey, hurrah! And Scott, too. Our building wide yard sale + bike shop sidewalk sale was a success (more on year’s past here and here), which naturally meant treating ourselves to pasta and a late night flick with neighbors, followed by Sunday projects (the reconstructed ottoman […]

“C” Is for Complete

Holy smokes, our basement renovation is finally complete. It’s been two long, crowded, and disorganized months since we’ve been babbling about the Windy City flood, which wreaked all sorts of havoc on our neighborhood. I know. I can’t believe it’s October and we’re still talking about it. For kicks, here’s how we found our storage […]


An amazing thing happened this week. For the first time since that *@&! flood wiped out the basement of this wee yellow brick building, we’re feeling relief. Relief, because, as the hubs and I were testing our storage solution a few afternoons ago, the restoration company showed up. And not just to hang out and […]