Today Is Yours (and 3 Things)

ONE. The above print is a reproduction of one of my all-time favorite works of art in the city; I’ve snapped countless photos of it on my phone, and you might remember it from this post, too. You can see it as an enormous installation at the train station (the California blue line stop in […]

Feeling Green (+ a Giveaway!)

Hello, 2014! Through some sort of miracle (or in other words, some extreme hustling in December), Scott and I were able to take off the last 2 weeks from work work. Rather than painting portraits (me) and sporting stripey ties (him) from 9-5, we spent the days with family and friends, couch dates and early […]

The Stairs, Step 1

Now that the basement is done, our house guests are gone and winter has┬áreally settled into Chicago, we’re in full blown hibernation-le’ts-work-on-our-house mode. The project list is long, long, long, but first up? We decided to take on our entryway staircase – step by step, ha! – and turn one of our home’s biggest eyesores […]