To Do?

Some of you might remember my, um, inheritance from my grandma. As mentioned here, a million dollars couldn’t come close to Ol’ Timey, a folder of childhood drawings and the mustard chair. When she downsized from her large, Pittsburgh home (to a cutie pie condo, no less), we were thrilled to bequeath said items, and […]


Ah, the ottoman. That is to say, our man, Otto. He’s finished! Hallelujah, praise above, and yadda yadda. Since we first mentioned him right here, it’s been well over a month, and goodness knows we took our sweet, slow time. The last time you actually saw the silly thing, it was looking like this: Of […]

Just My Size

It’s teal. And just my size. Perfecto. Scooped from one of Scott’s clients, imagine my surprise when I found this in the backseat of our car. And, uh, for free. (Love that part.) When Scott told his client he kinda really liked the chair in that office corner, the client replied with a “take it.” […]