Does Your Home Have a Scent?

This post is in partnership with Sydney Hale Co., for which you’ll find no less than half a dozen of their candles throughout our home. Use promo code YBH for 30% off your order through April 27th! Do you ever wonder what your home smells like? You know, like when you walk into your best friend’s house, or […]

The 6 Year Evolution + A Tribute

Okay, technically, this October it will be 6 years in our current home. (So, really, it’s more like a 5 1/2+ year evolution, but who’s counting?) We started this little virtual home well into our home’s evolution (we’d been living here for not quite 2 years), but as we became more in synch with our […]

At Night

At the end of this post, we were called out last week by Julia – one of our go-to text-ing ladies for home advice – when she said, evening shots on home blogs – a rarity. It feels so elusive and mysterious. Ah, touché, Julia. This made us realize – well, she’s right! We’ve never […]


Since our plane landed in a rainy, chilly Chicago, we’ve been wondering if we made a wise decision to come back. Maybe not in the literal sense, but you get the idea. Buh-bye palm trees, endless sun, and rocky beaches. But after mucho wet kisses and bedtime nuzzles from the little ones, of course we’re […]

Home Is…

…rumpled sheets and kitty hang-time. While we love a clean, freshly made bed, weekends are in a league of their own. Playing hard on Saturday nights equal down time with the hubs and furballs on Sunday mornings. Sleeping in, scrambled eggs at noon, and midday movies are required. Of course this means no work (guilt […]