Planning for a PAX

One of the things we have been looking forward to most with the bedroom renovation is having a closet – for the first time! We haven’t had proper clothes organization since we moved in two and half years ago; remember when we ripped out the second floor kitchen? We picked up a couple of garment […]

Fauxdenza in the Dining Room

We’d been going back and forth on an additional furniture piece in the dining room for – oh? – months. Originally, we thought for sure we’d fill the wall between the kitchen and bathroom with something vintage. We’d surely stumble upon something at one of our summer flea adventures! When that didn’t happen, we turned […]

The Workroom, Ready to Work!

I spent the first half of this week digging through still mostly-packed moving boxes of shop supplies, juggling baskets, bins and lists, fluffing and re-fluffing things, and now? The studio workroom is done! The very first, very, very done room in this whole house. Let’s go! This small room was a former bedroom of the […]

Full Length

Aside from a $9 Target mirror I scrimped for in college (which was unfortunately dubbed a fat mirror; you know the kind), I’ve never owned a legitimate full length mirror. This realization is usually met in (mock) horror by my girlfriends, which I’ve never understood until last night. After an Ikea day last week, Scott […]

The Week’s End

We started the weekend with a ridiculous amount of Ikea boxes stacked in the studio. It was pretty comical for a while, blowing through box after box and hacking apart the pieces so they fit us, rather than the intentional mold. By mid-afternoon Sunday, we became a bit delirious (rightfully so!) and cracked had-to-be-there jokes. […]

Clearing the Junk. Or Organizing It, Anyway.

It should be no secret that we have a junk drawer. Everyone does, yeah? But what happens when one drawer multiplies three-fold, and then before you know it, you can’t remember what drawer is holding what junk? While we’re not the biggest fans of our kitchen cabinet finishes (let’s just say we wouldn’t have picked […]