The Family

During our recent Pet Shop overhaul, we decided it was about time we snagged recent snaps of this duo, considering most of our photos together were taken on blurry, hazy nights in photo booths. We love a good booth as much as you (you’ve seen our bathroom collection, right?), but we wanted something breezy and […]

Canine Fashion (and California Bound!)

As often as time allows, we walk Jack with a group of his four-legged peers on Sunday mornings. We’re part of the dog walking club, SociaBulls, a weekly meet up focused on dog socialization without physical interaction (you can find out more right here). We’ve mentioned our Sunday treks in the past, and since joining […]

The (Week and) Week’s End

We spent the last 9 days traveling the triangle of terror, as Scott would say (in good jest, of course) – from Chicago to Cincinnati, from there to Pittsburgh and back home again. With close to one thousand miles on the road, we almost put our ol’ wagon over the 100,000 mile mark, but not […]