Kicking Off the Nursery Design!

This post is in partnership with Modsy. Use promo code YBH20 for 20% off a Modsy design package! When I told my friend Shannon that our little family would be expanding, aside from squeezing me in a hug and making me tear up for the tenth time that day, she said, do you remember what you told me […]

Planning the Garden Apartment’s Color Scheme

The garden apartment has been full steam ahead since we last shared the flooring update! Our favorite general contractor has been working down there as part of a four person team, and they’ve been so very patient as we’ve added updates and changed our minds (more than once). As with any renovation project, there have been […]


Remember when we shared the news that we’re going back to school? Well, the hubs and I have been hittin’ the books ever since, so to speak. Not really the books, but maybe more like the graphing paper. Yup, we’ve been hittin’ the graphing paper. With our new architectural rulers in hand, we’ve been drawing […]