Penguin Planter (or, Penguin Gets a Hairdo)

This is one of those weird projects that, while not the most beautiful, has sentimental meaning. Years ago, I sculpted a giant penguin in my college ceramics class. My penguin is slightly crooked (maker’s error), not exactly proportional to the actual penguin anatomy, and as a result of moving him from home to home, one […]

Reconstructive Surgery (Terrarium v.4, Take 5)

First, congrats to Tara, the lucky winner of a 16″x20″ giclĂ©e from The Print Shop! Thank you to all who entered and encouraged us to get up and running in the first place. You’re awesome. See all available prints (based on your votes) right here! We’d been doing so good with our houseplants for a […]

Canine Fashion (and California Bound!)

As often as time allows, we walk Jack with a group of his four-legged peers on Sunday mornings. We’re part of the dog walking club, SociaBulls, a weekly meet up focused on dog socialization without physical interaction (you can find out more right here). We’ve mentioned our Sunday treks in the past, and since joining […]