A Few Good Finds + Shopping An Estate Sale

Last week, my friend Jess and I were walking to a neighborhood coffee shop when she spotted a teeny neon piece of paper tacked to the window on one of the prettiest storefronts in Logan Square. The space was home to Butterfat Studios, a unique tattoo shop that was so much more than body art, rather, it was […]

Surprising Winter Elk

We picked up this giant elk photo alongside the hutch at The Brown Elephant, and although I was originally going to share it as a score earlier this week, I ultimately broke it into a separate post because 1) it’s not for the kitchen (we don’t think?) and 2) once I did a little Googling […]

When the Boss Gives You the Afternoon Off…

Last week, Scott and I were both having a sort of ‘off’ day (well, more me than Scott!), and since I was being highly unproductive with work, I asked my boss (aka: me) if I could take the afternoon off. She almost never says yes, so color me surprised when she agreed (ha!). Scott – […]

On Cutting Losses… And Making the Most of It.

Kim and I are not new year’s resolution people. We don’t make vows to change our diet or to exercise more. This year, however, we did make one promise to each other. Simply put, we will not allow ourselves to push too hard (in an unreasonable way), finish projects on ridiculously tight schedules, or stress […]