28 Ethical Clothing Brands You’ll Love to Support

closet | headboard | sconce Early this year (and clearly bitten by the January Resolutions Bug), we cleaned – nay, overhauled – our closets. I shared the process in this post, which included the 8 simple things you can do right now for happier mornings as you get dressed and ready for the day! But our closet […]

A Hutch Makeover, Well Worth It

Phew – that beast of a hutch is done! And it’s so cute now! We knew it would take some work to refinish the wood when we first picked it up a few weeks ago, and that was confirmed when it rapidly turned into one of those projects that required a whole lot of stuff, […]

Randolph Street Market! Finally!

A few weekends ago, the Missus and I finally took a trip to the famous Randolph Street Market. Billed as one of the top 3 national urban antique markets (did ya catch all that?), friends had been telling us for years that it would blow our minds. And they were so, so right. The second we […]