Even as vendors in the Renegade Fair, we like to take a moment or two to find our own loot to bring home – usually in the hopes of knocking out our Christmas list. This year, I found myself justifying one too many purchases for myself (ah, well), but we did officially cross off a name in the process (yeah, uh, just one) – so, you know, not all was lost.

We got to the Fair bright and early on the second morning in hopes of making our rounds, and we were able to squeeze in a minute here and there throughout the day to make our purchases. Here’s what we got:

Sea Salts by Beautiful Briny Sea: Who wouldn’t want a sprinkle of Magic Unicorn on their anything? Yes, please! With flavors of paprika, rosemary and lemon, how can you go wrong? Of course we thought of the culinary friends in our life, so we scooped up Santa’s Helper, too. See more flavors here, and email them to get your own. (We think they’d make great stocking stuffers for anyone!)

This poster from Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters: Ugh, we couldn’t help but pick up our own neighborhood insult – oh, the warm fuzzies we felt when we saw it! We’ve been a fan of their tumblr since the beginning, so you can imagine our excitement when we saw them in person. As Chicagoans, poking fun at our ‘hoods is fair game, and that’s why we love these so. (Plus, SICP totally nailed them.)

Geometric earrings from White Nest: What was supposed to be a quick trip to the little girls room turned into an impulse buy at our neighboring booth. You can even see me wearing them in our rundown – they didn’t stay more than 5 seconds in that paper sleeve.

The Taplin Purse by Shelter: Just 2 short booths away from ours, I audibly gasped when I saw… her. This purse! It has Kim written all over it! It was a bit of a splurge even for my purse-loving-ways, but I justified it as my Renegade-push-gift. (I mean, right?) And it reminds me a bit of last year’s gift-to-me: this Couch camera stap (that I use every day).

Nothing makes us happier than supporting fellow small businesses owners this holiday season, so we’ll continue to virtually peruse the Fest shops in the coming days – and hopefully really crossing off our “good” list. We’re more than a little behind on all things holiday in this home – gifting, decorating, cookie making – so fingers crossed we can start to squeeze in some Christmas-y cheer starting now.

How’re your holiday to-dos coming along?

9 replies on “The Loot”

  1. The earrings & purse make my heart sing! I’ve had my eyeballs on a pair of those for way too long. Now that I’ve seen how awesome they are on you, well I want! I want!

  2. Alexis, that’s so cool! We love that strap, and I’m always asked where I got it. I proudly boast Couch – it is THE best camera strap I’ve ever had, and it’s super tough and durable!

  3. It was so great to meet you! I hope we can hang next time we’re in Chicago – our visit was way too short and hectic this time.
    Hope your friend loves the bag!

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