Oh, boy. This has been a long time coming, and there’s a good chance you already have a good feel for what the infamous stu-stu-studio looks like. You’ve seen one side when we finished grandma’s chair, and you’ve seen the other when we finished the shelves. Gah, you’ve even seen the third, lesser photographed wall when we completed the paper pipes! The room as a whole, however? Not so much.

If you’ve been around for a bit, you know that in the last 6 months, we turned our pint-sized very blue office (which doubles as our, shall we say, cozy guestroom) into a pink, pretty sanctuary. I personally struggled with this so-called overhaul at the start; I thought our office was cute. We both did. It had been tweaked over the years, simple switches that were good enough. It was where Scott went to hang out on bicycle forums, where Jack napped by his dad’s side and the grounds for all our files, books and even bikes.

Simply put, we had that office because isn’t that what a young, married couple with no children does with their second bedroom?

Of course, the blue office was set in place before I began my freelance career. So when I first started working from home, I’d keep my tidy notebook and laptop at the kitchen counter from 9 to 5. When I’d paint, I’d pull out the painting table that was living in the limbo-kitchen-slash-living-room and, well, paint. But as I got busier, my kitchen work space flowed from the counter to the couch and (sometimes) to the hallway console. The office was Scott’s space, remember? Just as it took me quite a while to admit that I was a real, legitimate girl that left her job and started an art career (whoa), it took just as long to stake my claim in the office, er, studio.

And finally, this past January, Operation Studio was born.

So. With that off my chest, it’s time to share the damn thing. (The thing that I love with my whole heart and soul, that is!) But first, remember when it looked like this?

Now, finally, it looks like this – and (lucky for you!) I’ll let the photos do the talking!

For a recap on the projects that went into this room’s redo, just click on the corresponding photo + post, below. (If you’re in a Reader, you may need to view the site to see.)

As The Pet Shop grows and our needs progress, the studio will evolve – and it is evolving, right now actually. As a supplement to our laptop, we’ve since found an external monitor to be a necessity, and we have a desk tray to add to the fauxdenza – because as you know, in this 8’x10′ room, every extra surface counts. More on those additions after they’ve been installed (because we haven’t even started!).

And if there was ever a doubt expressed that I was on the fence about my love for the studio, those feelings are long gone. If I could take another, I’d marry her. To me, she’s perfect.

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  1. This is just beyond fantastic. Honestly white never looked so go. Fantastic! That gallery wall is probably my favorite. It’s perfect. And by perfect I mean PERFECT. I’m seriously obsessed.

    What an awesome space you’ve created for yourself. Just amazing.

  2. Hey Kim, I love the sign on your wall that says “Work Hard & Be Nice to People”! May I ask where you got it from? Thanks, Kelly

  3. Hooray for the PERFECT studio! I LOVE how this came together, and can’t even mention my favorite thing because I love SO many things about this little room:).

  4. I would love to see a post on how you convert the studio to a “cozy” guestroom sometime!

    Beautiful work. I especially like the gold touches.

  5. oh, my gosh, it is beautiful! i love all the gold accents and your awesome DIY dino.

    i have a random question– how on earth do you keep your house so free of dirt & pet hair? it always looks studio-ready and gorgeous. we have 2 pups and our house always looks… furry.

  6. She’s darling. Practically perfect in every way (to quote Mary Poppins, I think?).

    I think I missed the gold-dipped table info. I’ll catch up on that. I love the rug. It’s been on my own wish list for quite some time now.

    What is in the glass lidded container/dispensers? Paint chips?

  7. Looks wonderful and it is crying for you to start and create… Do you sell your items… can’t wait to see the first item done out to the new room…

  8. I LOVE this & I especially love that print Work Hard…I saw that you can buy it on that site (thanks, Kim)…but the payment isn’t in $’s… Anyone know how that would work?

    1. Aw, thanks so much everyone! Glad you love the room as much as we do!

      Andrea, if it’s the containers I think you’re talking about, it’s holding little stickers. I use them to seal up paintings and note cards! And if you’re talking about the little Ball jars, it’s holding a bunch of mini Moo cards (business cards).

      Jean, you can see our work in The Pet Shop! We create custom pet portraits: http://shop.yellowbrickhome.com

      Lisa, he ships to the US, and it converts to dollars when you check out. I think it came to around $70 – it’s made to order and hand signed by the artist!

  9. Wow. My favorite photo is the ‘I love you’ next to the T-Rex. When I looked at the picture, my brain put this together: “I love you something fierce, GRRRRR!”

  10. How did I miss this debut?! I’m scratching my head! The finished space looks beautiful, classy, modern and romantic all at once. And the shot of the mirror w/in the mirror is sweet! And Bob Barker’s microphones never looked prettier. Haha

  11. Just saw this today on Glitter Guide and I’m so bummed that the Flor tiles are no longer available! I have a navy entryway and those would have worked great for the size of the space (It’s been difficult to find a rug/runner). Do you have any ideas where to find something similar? Thanks!

    Bianca from A Fabulous Challenge

    1. Hi Bianca,

      I know that FLOR has a bunch of new styles that debuted for the fall, but if you don’t have luck with that, you could always try Rugsusa.com or Overstock.com – both are places we check for a great deal and quality rugs. Hope that helps!

  12. The studio has come such a long way from the blue office! I love the whiteness of the new studio, and all of the little details everywhere. I love the artwork collage on the wall and the pop of blue from the rug. When can I move in?


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