The Week’s End

We hit the last work week hard. Scott had more than a handful of 4am wake-ups (I cringe!), and we acted as adults for an afternoon, discussing retirement with our accountants.

To counteract the grown-up have-tos, we spent the last few days de-stressing. We ate heavy, sugary donuts for breakfast, watched live music in the park, and spent more time outdoors than we have in a long, long time. Between our SociaBulls date with Jack, hiking to and from the farmer’s market and picking through yard sales (where we scooped up a $2 chaireee!), we easily walked 10+ miles around our ‘hood – evident by our sore legs. Scott called it a “classic Chicago weekend,” and I agree.

What about you?

6 replies on “The Week’s End”

  1. LOVE that first shot with puppy nose in the corner. :) Looks like a perfect city summer weekend! I went up to the Cleopatra exhibit in LA, which was pretty awesome (although maybe not worth $20 + $10 parking) and then had a lazy Sunday.

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