In-between downtime with friends and dates with our couch, we spent the weekend tying up loose ends, making future plans and daydreaming (lots of that). I took advantage of weekend sleep ins, and I woke up each morning to Scott and Jack playing video games – something that is becoming sort of a tradition. After coffees, radio sing-alongs and time with our kiddos, I crafted (and used a sewing machine again!), went to the annual auto show (well, that was all Scott; remember, I crafted?), and walked around new-to-us neighborhoods.

Lately, there’s been a lot of mental exhaustion as we hunt for a new home (updates soon, we promise!), balance schedules and make time for nothingness – er, those little times in the evenings where you sit, be still and realize that you have every single show waiting for you in your Hulu queue. (That’s a pretty great feeling). Our plates are really full lately, but there’s so much to look forward to, too.

What were you up to?

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  1. I’m equal parts curious and crazy excited for you guys in the hunt for a new home. Your weekend sounds like the perfect blend of everything a good weekend at home should have.

  2. Oh my gosh- I was looking at this and thinking “that’s where I’m moving!!” I saw the “Home” mural and got so excited. That is a few blocks from the neighborhood I’m moving to in 3 weeks! My boyfriend owns a condo there and I’ll be moving over from Cali- so exciting… I just found your blog and love it already :)

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