The Week’s End

Aside from sneaking in the necessary few hours for football, we spent the weekend celebrating the 30th birthday of our amigo, Jill, who made the drive to Chicago from Cincinnati with her husband, Eric (and soon-to-be baby!), in tow. To toast the occasion, we had a small gathering of our closest friends and shared a spread of cemitas, tacos and rainbow cake. Our down time was spent in pajamas in the living room, playing catch up and drinking piña coladas.

While I was hoping to make my own pretty, pink garland for the fiesta, time was not on my side. Our friend Penina (you might remember her from this curtain dying fiasco of yore) stepped in and made a handful of colorful origami using this tutorial from Relevé, and we hung them in varying heights above our kitchen counter with hemp string and tape.

Using 12″x12″ scrapbook paper, catalog mailers and Lucky magazines, she cut each sheet into four squares a pieces, creating multiple sizes and patterns. Crafty friends, you’re awesome. (Love you, P!)

To further take advantage of Jill’s thirty-dom, we spent the evening in hot orange lipstick (Nars Heatwave), something I’ll have to start doing more often. Isn’t it funny how pretty lips can make your day?

What’d you do? For the gambling sports fans, did you make it out of the weekend any richer, we hope?

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  1. whew, finally catching my breath!!!! being 30 and prego is tough work, i tell you! jk, leo is napping now and all is well in the world. i love you guys. the cake and everything was wonderful, we had SO MUCH FUN. and i love penina for making those sweet ass decorations. penina needs a blog!!!!! MWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, E! Scott’s brother lives in Indy, so we do go there from time to time. It must have been a very exciting weekend – so much was going on!

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