After dining, visiting and sightseeing (what felt like) all of Chicago in our first weekend-half, we slowed down for half two. We cooked at home. We played games with friends. We ate cake! Scott gave us a tour of his semi-secret bike park, and we walked through our neighborhood, pointing out where we like to picnic, where the annual festivals are held and – dare we say – the location of our future home. (And in regards to the latter, we’re still tidying neat little bows on every checklist item before we divulge too much more. It’s the superstition in us, we suppose.)

Spring finally stuck around for a handful of days in a row – a first this year! – and we made sure to take advantage of it. And now, can you believe it’s May? Where did April go? (Or March and February, really?)

7 replies on “The Week’s End, Part 2 of 2”

  1. right? how is it MAY already???

    looks like a most excellent weekend. i love the way your process your photos; so light and dreamy.

  2. Where, might I ask, was that “Meat Free” picture taken. The Chicago Diner is a stop for me on any trip to Chicago, I’d love to know if there is another great vegetarian spot I need to hit next time I come to town.

  3. Hi Eugenia, I’m still using my old and trusty Nikon D80 and/or Nikon D200 DSLR! All the photos above were taken with a 50mm.

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