An amazing thing happened this week. For the first time since that *@&! flood wiped out the basement of this wee yellow brick building, we’re feeling relief. Relief, because, as the hubs and I were testing our storage solution a few afternoons ago, the restoration company showed up. And not just to hang out and admire their half finished job (as we had started to think was the case). This time, my friends, they came to finish up the job.

We’ve been mum on the progress for a few weeks, because, well, there was none. Our storage guts have been holding down the patio and office for almost 2 months now. Not good. But this is meant to be a happy post, and since we’re so *@&! happy, we’ll share a sneak peek into our start-from-scratch solution. (Or, a pretty big peek and a slap happy duo.) At the very least, our basement woes had us re-thinking our storage jumble. Fresh start, right?

We found out that doors should be done today (fingers crossed), final coats of paint will be rolled, and keys will be handed out soon after. Our not-so-positive thoughts lately had us thinking we’d be swimming in our plastic bins until Halloween. Here’s to hoping we’re home (er… office) free by the weekend. Finale wrap up to come. Whee!

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  1. So *@&! happy for you guys! looks like things are turning around after all. Congrats on The Pet Shop! I’m thinking one of your pooch paintings will make a perfect Christmas gift!

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