First, we sincerely want to thank you for all The Print Shop love – whether you’re tweeting, sharing or making room on your gallery walls, we think it’s pretty awesome that you’re spreading the word! And in an effort to keep things fresh and new, we’ve just added 3 more fine art giclée prints – featuring Cincinnati, Paris and Chicago (clockwise, from top left). They’re live now, and you can pick them up right here!

With the winter chill still hovering over our city (although we hear there’s a big warm up on the way – yes, please!), I re-worked 2 recent snaps (Cincinnati #2 and Chicago #15) and 1 older (Paris #6) in a way that felt colorful, but soft and simple. You know we have spring on our minds, and I was craving art that’s light and airy – you know, fuzzy-feeling-like.

For all you Midwesterners, you know what we mean. And for everyone else, well, please soak up a little extra warm sun for us today.

PS: We love getting your input on what makes it into The Print Shop, and we’re always adding new photography to our Pinterest page. We want to curate the best Shop possible, with reader favorites being the first to make the cut.

And PPS! Speaking of Shops, April 1st kicked off our newest quarterly partnership with Boise Bully Breed Rescue. 10% of all proceeds from The Pet Shop will go directly towards supporting their mission. See more about our partnerships right here!

13 replies on “Three New Prints”

  1. Eek. A purchase from one or the other is going to have to be made soon!! I’m loving the airy prints — it’s getting lighter and brighter here in Erie (but unfortunately, not warmer…)

  2. Hi Kim!

    I love the new print shop, so much! Nice work! I am walking around the house staring at all my blank spaces to size things up…

    Miss you!
    Xo Lindsey

  3. Lindsey, we miss you guys, too! I’d like to put you in my pocket and steal you away to Chicago. Your new little Miss can come, too. Love you!

  4. I am for sure getting prints from you some day in the future (next home, yes?), I promise. :)

  5. I also always feel in “limbo” during this time of the year (I’m from Chicago and live in Milwaukee – so I get what you guys are saying about this Midwestern weather!) This year, I’ve really tried to be more proactive about not slipping into the doldrums. I’ve made sure to buy fresh spring flowers (tulips!) and do a couple small decorating projects (repainting some knick-knacks and redoing my coffee table). It’s helped tremendously!

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