A few days ago, I received this email from reader Ashley:

I just noticed the yellow horse in your cross stitch post. Pretty sure I have the same one in the same color. My grandmother’s mother gave it to my grandmother on her 21st birthday (weird gift I know) but I asked my grandmother if I could have it because I thought it was neat. So cool to see someone else with one considering mine is 40+ years old!

Oh, you mean, Stanley? After scooping him for ten bucks at an antique shop in Cincinnati, he rotated around our home – starting on the console table in the foyer…

And ending up on our mega-wall next to a vase of sentimental notes, a peacock, and an un-painted camera, courtesy of Mom (although the great paint debate was drummed up again when I was mentioned in this pin):

So who knew he had the possibility of being a great-grandpa (and after all this time, look so so lovely?). I asked Ashley if she could shoot me a photo, you know, just to be sure. Just call me Miss Crazy; better to check and confirm. Right away, she sent me this:

Scott and I were all whoa. And she even gave me this link to another Stanley, waiting on Etsy for his forever home. It was an evening of email exchanges with a whole lotta Wow! and Neat!

We didn’t know there were others. Gives me the shivers (and yeah, add drama queen to my list of namesakes, too).

Thanks, Ashley!

6 replies on “Twinsies”

  1. Yay! My horse is famous! I think my grandmother and my great grandmother would be very happy to see this horse which started out as a strange (to me) 21st birthday present be an actual antique AND have a brother and/or sister out there even 40+ years later. Thank you so much for posting!

  2. At the risk of sounding creepy, I’ve always loved that yellow horse of yours. It’s so cool to know it’s got “brothers and sister” out there. I love Ashley’s story of her grandmother and great grandmother – home decor with a story behind it just means so much more!

  3. i was perusing the lovely broadway antique market last weekend and saw one there as well…was hoping to snag a photo for evidence but the stall owner was less than thrilled at the idea.

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