It’s here! The couch! The blue velvet couch!


While dropping it off a handful of weeks ago at the upholsterer, I told Kevin (my contact at Covers Unlimited and – bonus! – a Pittie rescuer!) about our concerns with some of the structural issues. It feels… rickety? Sometimes that leg will pop up if I sit right here? The great news is that Kevin genuinely expressed his enthusiasm for our steal of a deal, noting that it had great bones (yes!), has withstood the test of time beautifully (yes!) and shouldn’t need more than a little frame tightening (yes, yes, yes!).

Remember when it looked like this?


Our couch was loaded up with all new batting for the tufts (look at how cushy they are!) and all new foam for the cushions. We’ve had it in our home for less than a week, and Scott and I have been working on carving out our seats within the seat. The curved shape just feels so different (different good) from our old couch (which is now living upstairs in the studio), and it’s much, much longer. After settling in at the end of a long day, we’ll say to each other, you’re so far away from me! But man, it sure feels good to stretch out.

It’s oddly fun having a big, new (to us) piece of furniture, and I especially love nestling up in the rounded corner with a good drink and the hockey game. Just look! It’s a beauty, and we’re swooning:


We’ve fully admitted that we might be nuts for having a dark velvet couch in our four-pet-household, and yes, fur does show up. (I mean, it’s not a magical couch.) But! It’s not that bad! (Really!) When we were picking out our velvet from various samples, you might remember that we quite literally rubbed them all over Jack and CC, and our winning swatch didn’t grab their hair as much as the other samples. (Not to mention, we’re a no-dogs-on-the-furniture household, but in all fairness, we give the cats full reign.) We think that the more lived in (read: loved) this couch gets, the better it’ll get, too.

Our living room is still embarrassingly bare, but we did finally pull the trigger on a rug that should be here soon (and we’re crossing our fingers that it will work out). Nothing has been hung on the wall and a center light fixture has yet to be chosen, but, you know – baseboards. One (or two or three) thing(s) at a time.


One of the neat things about this old couch is that there were built-in straps for keeping the extra long cushions in place. When we first picked it up from Jubilee, the straps were either overly stretched or broken, but we were given new ones! Each cushion has a loop for the strap to hook into, and because the loops are stitched into the side (rather than the bottom), they can be flipped and rotated for even wear:


The first time I walked down the stairs after putting the couch into place, I noticed – I mean, this seems so obvious now – that our closet door plays nicely with our newest addition! We were planning on painting our front door the same Hague Blue as the closet, but now we wonder, is that too much blue? We’ve always been on Team Navy, so maybe we should go with our gut? (Isn’t that always the right choice?)


Going so bold with the couch (and our doors) is really, really outside of our comfort zone, but we’re also really, really having fun with it. It feels scary, and we sort of love that.

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  1. I was expecting its showing today and here it is. I can tell how happy you must be, your new coach is totally awesome (and the new chair you picked up at the same time is, too). The best is yet to come, happy blue velvet evenings YBH family.

  2. Hubba. Hubba.

    It’s so gorgeous. And the door pops in the best possible way. We painted our doors in our upstairs hallway a glossy black. It’s kind of crazy but makes me swoon each time I reach the top of the stairs <3

  3. Pardon me while I wipe my drool! LOL It looks fabulous!!! What a statement!

  4. First time commenting but I just had to tell you the couch is gorgeous!! They did such a great job on it, and I love that deep blue.

  5. DROOL! It’s stunning, guys. i have a club chair/ottoman at the upholsterer’s right now getting done in navy – now I really can’t wait for it to be done!

  6. Oh man, I’m so excited to see your couch, it looks AMAZING!!!!
    I’m planning on buying the same blue velvet to redo a slipper chair an old roommate left behind. This is gorgeous and so inspiring!!!

  7. It is gorgeous, and I am sure that you are going to love it for the long run. I am still trilled with my newly reupholstered purple velvet couch. There are times that I sit there and stare at it and think how pretty it is. Then, I realize that I am acting crazy and try to stop.

    One thing that works for us is to have a blanket on the couch for the cat to cuddle up on. She really prefers to sleep on the blanket, and that saves the couch. However, even the hair on the couch is not that hard to remove. I use a damp rubber glove to wipe it all up.

  8. omg. gorgeous. LOVE IT!! and like it even more knowing that you saved something from the landfill and kept a crew of skilled workers (in the neighborhood!) busy for a week.

  9. Oh my! I’ve been eyeing a similar sofa in turquoise. I thought I was weird loving it, but see I’m right on target! Your sofa is unbelieveably gorgeous and I thank you for helping realize my potential. I have 3 cats that love to scratch, although they have 4 scratching posts, so have been hesitant. Enjoy that beautiful piece of wonder!

  10. How beautiful! It was a bold choice, but it works so well. I can’t wait to see the rug!

  11. This turned out SO great! I love reupholstering things, it gives everything such a new lease on life. Can’t wait to see all the other finishing touches on the room!

  12. SO gorgeous!
    I’m trying to convince my not-nearly-as-diy-awesome-as-you-guys partner to buy a secondhand couch and get it reupholstered. I wonder if you would mind giving a cost breakdown of how much this lovely piece cost from start to finish? You scored a great deal on the fabric! How many yards did you need?
    Then, what did the professional upholstery cost? Your guy did a fantastic job!! My curiosity lies in whether this whole process is cheaper than just buying new.
    Thanks SO much.

    1. Katherine, no problem! A lot of the couches we were interested in fell around the $1,500-$2,000 mark. We just couldn’t decide, never pulled the trigger on anything, and then this beauty came along… and we were sold!

      Here’s the full disclosure breakdown:

      Couch = $80
      Fabric from = $300 (20 yds)
      Upholstery labor + freight delivery = $1,000

      Total = $1,380

      It falls juuust under the price of a new couch, but it’s 100% unique. Scott calls it the magical unicorn pony of couches, ha! We received a couple of quotes for upholstery, but Covers Unlimited has worked with us many times in the past, they consistently have the best pricing AND their service is phenomenal and impeccable. (FYI, we received one quote that was close to $2,000 for labor, so it really just depends. Our couch is approximately 40″ deep x 9′ wide if that helps)

  13. I’m about to pull the trigger on ordering the same fabric you all used for a large chair in my house. I also have pets and I was wondering if you could let me know how it’s held up since you’ve had it several months now. Is it easy to clean? Would you make the same fabric decision again?

    1. We love it! It’s super durable, even with our cats sometimes using their claws to climb up the side. We bought one of those little lint brushes (you know the kind that have a black handle with the red felt-like fabric?), and when it gets pet hair build-up, we just swipe the brush over it. So easy! It is by far the least clingy velvet we sampled (it’s pretty smooth with a low pile), but also keep in mind that Jack and CC don’t get up on the furniture.

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