Vintage Bazaar!

You may remember last year when we hit up the first annual Vintage Bazaar in our ‘hood’s music venue, The Congress Theater. Well, the 2011 edition was yesterday, and it was awesome. Same place; same time. Everything from Herman Miller chairs to old bowling pins, prints, letterpress, and pre-made terrariums were represented. We even bore witness to the debut of the area’s only “Pop-Up Barber Shop.” Oh, and we brought home an amazing little apple pie.

But I digress. I doubt that any of you visit our little blog to read about barber shops and apple pies. To view the slide show, just click on the large image or any thumbnail below.

And, uh, you see that beautiful white ceramic vase I was holding in the last photo? We took it home and cleaned it up, only for it to suffer an unfortunate fate. Kim is still reeling from the fiasco; more on that later in the week.

All in all, the show was great, even though we missed the boat on that fantastic little kitchen scale (Kim was hoping to use it for weighing Pet Shop packages). Everyone in our small group of scavengers found exactly what they were looking for, or something happened to find them. I, for one, am pretty happy with my vinyl find and in the end – although my lady may not admit it – all was not lost with the vase.

Did any other Windy City dwellers hit the show yesterday? Or maybe you found somewhere else to scavenge for goods? Or, hey, just wanna tell us about your weekend, you know, in general?

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  1. Hi! I just saw your post–thanks for the awesome roundup and featuring some pictures of our booth. I’m glad you enjoyed the bazaar!

    –Alison, The Big Heist Vintage

  2. SO many things I’d like to have! The orange stools…LOVE!

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