Wall Ride

While moving some things back down to the basement this past weekend, a simple solution to a never ending problem hit me like a ton of spokes. Let’s hang more bikes from things!

You may have seen our storage solution for my most cherished bikes right here, but all the while, there are still five bikes for two people residing in and around this condo. Our upstairs neighbors, Chris and Angela, seemed to be facing the same nagging dilemma, so Chris and I made a few quick measurements on their free-standing-basement-storage-unit-wall (whoa, mouthful), busted out the level, and we were off to the (track) races.

As you can see, Chris and Angela’s storage closet is the only one that stands alone. The developer miscounted somehow and had to come back at the last minute and frame their closet into an unused basement corner. It worked to our advantage this time as I had some extra storage hooks laying around, and they had that nicely (and newly) framed wall to screw them into. We made sure to hit the studs and with just one hook, each bike is sturdily supported. And all for the fabulous price of free.

So there you have it. Yet another way to keep those wheels off the ground and out of the way. We’ve got some security measures being installed tomorrow, so don’t go getting any big ideas. Easy solutions to pesky problems are what we’re all about around here. Any light-bulb-moment storage solutions of your own to share? You should know by now that we can always use them.

8 replies on “Wall Ride”

  1. I would just say BE CAREFUL.
    You may want to attempt to lock them up if those bikes are in an area that other people in the building can get to. Or if one person leaves the door unlocked, say bye bye.
    I’ve known people get bikes stolen from any area in their building that was considered shared.


    1. Hails, no worries! Scott just bought some eye hooks and a hefty lock from Home Depot, and we already have extra chain lying around (imagine that). We agree – you can never be too safe. We’ve had too many bikes stolen right under our noses to keep letting them go!

  2. I’ve been considering doing a permanent bike storage solution like this… in my living room. Currently I store it there anyway, but I’ve been thinking about putting up hooks or something so at least it’s off the ground. I’ve seen people make it look pretty cool (like you guys in your office!) but I’m just not sure if it would work in my house, or if it would look clunky and cluttery. I like what you guys did here.

    1. Hi Amanda, something like this might be the perfect solution for your living room. Nice clean white powdercoated look, and tucks neatly into a corner. Just make sure you allow for the width of your handlebars if you place it close to an adjoining wall!

  3. Scott,
    Great idea! Glad to hear about the chains. I did a similar thing in the garage. I have four bikes all attached together with a heavy cable. I do think the monster syle chain you told me about a few years ago is the most secure way to go.

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