Weekends, Fleas, and Another Mirror.

Over the weekend, we took a quick break from Chicago, packed up the wagon, and squeezed in time to visit friends and family in the Queen City…

… and we bought another mirror at the Kellogg Flea. Our collection has unintentionally grown from one to two to three in the office, since that’s where this one’ll land, too.

You want to know why I love my dude? He saw it, he wanted it, and he bought it. For four dollars. Score (in the man department, I mean. But that mirror’s not too shabby either).

Any recent finds you’d like to share?

15 replies on “Weekends, Fleas, and Another Mirror.”

  1. That is definitely cool that the man wanted it and bought it. I love when the decor shopping happens on both sides of the couple. I’m lucky like that with my guy too. :)

    My latest find was actually found about 6 months ago, but I just recently was able to pick it up from the shop – which required about 1200 miles of driving. It was so worth it!

  2. Nice mirror! But what I love the most if Jack = ) I’ve got 5 bully dogs in the house!

  3. HEEEEEWWWWW!!! That puppers kills me he’s so cute! Don’t sweat it- I went on a mirror buying jag and the ones I wasn’t so sure about we ended up using as bathroom mirrors and it’s super cute!

  4. Aww, Jack is loving life with his head out the window :) So cute!! I’m jealous of your flea market finds, I need to find more places to hunt for treasure in Philly.

  5. Jane, the legs on that secretary are great! Love the lines.

    And Jen, I love that you went on a mirror buying “jag”… I always thing we’ll use all our mirrors in a someday home in bathrooms and bedrooms. Or maybe we’ll just line the hall with ’em!

    Oh, and Jack is totally flattered.

  6. Oh goodness. I’ve been on a mirror-pinning jag on Pinterest, and you’re about to throw me over the edge! I’ve been eyeing a mirror at Lowe’s (but don’t know where to hang it yet), and there’s one I want from Ikea, and I still need to find the perfect mirror to hang above our fireplace. I might be a mirror-aholic.

    Love the mirror! Gotta love it when a man takes the initiative like that. :)

    1. Lauren, it’s a deal! Scott’s dad loves getting in on the action, too. We follow a set of “flea rules” that some may think are absurd, but that’s how we find the good deals! And it’s all in good fun.

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