We’re Having A(nother) Yard Sale!

Some of you may remember waaay back to August of 2009 when we hosted our first annual condo association yard sale. Not only did over ten units in our building participate, but so did a few of our closest friends, all who took the opportunity to set up shop in our tree lawn. We had a blast, made some money, and cleared out all that unnecessary clutter.

And this Saturday will be no different. We’ll once again plaster the phone poles with neon pink poster board and attempt (hopefully with success) to sell our wares to the ‘hood and beyond. In addition to the usual “friends and neighbors” suspects, the bike shop in our building’s retail space will be joining us for their own sidewalk sale.

It won’t be easy keeping my bike-lust eyes from spending all of our profits on shiny new parts for one of my trusty steeds, but we’ve also got our eyes on the prize, and the ultimate goal is to add a few greenbacks to that California vacation fund. It’s time to make some money.

Check back early next week for all the details, plus some tips and tricks on how we made it work for us. We’ll see you then. In the meantime, have a great weekend! Shoot, maybe we’ll be seeing you on the ol’ tree lawn.

5 replies on “We’re Having A(nother) Yard Sale!”

  1. I just bought the pricing stickers, and loaded up the car with our wares- here’s to hoping a bunch of people with money to burn stop by tomorrow!

  2. I just wanna wish you guys tons of financial success. If I lived closer, I’d be raiding your sale for sure!

    1. Thanks, Tina! It was quite the success. Stay tuned early this upcoming week, and we’ll fill you in on all the details…

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