We’re a husband and wife duo from Chicago, living, working, and playing amidst the hustle and bustle. In 2006, we took a breath and a leap, and we packed a one-way moving van from Cincinnati to the Windy City. We craved change; we were ready.

In 2007, we purchased our first home together – a teeny, tiny condo on the second floor of a yellow brick corner building (all 675 square feet of it!), hence the name of this blog. Over the course of 6 years, we DIY-ed our way through each and every room – sometimes twice! (Guilty.) After convincing ourselves we wouldn’t stay in Chicago forever, we spent each wedding anniversary traveling from city to city, in search of our next big adventure. The verdict? First time was a charm; we hit the jackpot with Chicago. This city is our home.

Fast forward to the summer of 2013; we said goodbye to the second floor walk-up that found us falling in love with Chicago, and we purchased a fixer upper of a houseright down the street. It’s been our dream to nurse an old home back to life, and now, well, you can say that we’re finally doing it!

Here, you’ll find us DIY-ing our way through our almost-130-year-old house, taking down walls, building them back up and nurturing back the character that was so rudely taken away over time. The outdoor flea market season is our favorite time of year, and nothing makes our hearts beat faster than a good furniture rescue.

You inspire us more than you’ll ever know, and from the bottom of hearts, we thank you for reading!

You can find out more about us in these reader Q & As: one, two, three, four.



The Print Shop launched in March 2013, a place where we share the view from our lens as fine art giclée prints. As a result of sharing our photography on this platform, reader requests for prints became all the encouragement we needed to get those files out of dusty archives and onto your walls. Most photography in The Print Shop was taken during our yearly travels, a tradition that started as we set out to explore at least one new city every year. Of course, you’ll also see snaps taken around our own gorgeous hometown of Chicago, too.



The Pet Shop unofficially launched in 2008, after gifting Scott a handmade mini portrait for his birthday. I was thrilled (albeit, shocked) when I began receiving word of mouth orders – from friends’ cats to my childhood dog, I painted countless teeny paws and wet noses. Simply put, you all have big mouths, and we love you for that. It’s still humbling to know that a handful of requests quickly escalated to thousands in a handful of short years. Your support has been nothing short of amazing.

In 2017, we closed up The Pet Shop to new orders in order to make room for growth in other areas. Over the years, you’ve shared your VIP family members with us, offering stories of rescue, love, goofiness and loss. We have cried with you, smiled at countless floppy ears and speckled noses and laughed out loud at some of the best underbites we’ve ever seen. And because of your support, we have been able to donate close to $10,000 of our sales to nonprofit animal rescue groups! Note: Although custom commission work is currently unavailable, Pet Prints of already commissioned work will remain available!


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