I’ve been on a huge podcast kick lately, listening to them for hours upon hours during my painting sessions. The time flies with every portrait, and rather than just listening to the radio (or my guilty pleasure Spotify mixes), I’ve been soaking in tips and lessons from other creatives – laughing, learning and always looking forward to the coming week’s guest.

Earlier this week, we were asked to be a guest on a podcast that I’ve been tuned into from the beginning, With Purpose. It was so fun (despite our nerves!) for us to talk with the easygoing hosts, Erin and Katie, as we covered everything from where we met, how our passions for DIY came to be and, of course, what would make up the Vargo cocktail?
If you’ve ever wondered why this blog was born, our DIY soundtrack of choice or are simply curious to hear these voices (do you ever imagine your daily reads’ voices, only to hear them speak and you’re all whoa!?), tune in right here.

A big thank you to Erin and Katie for having us!

PS… Do you have any favorite podcasts you’d recommend?

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  1. Caught wind of this via Twitter yesterday! So fun to hear you guys in “real life.” I’ve gotten hooked on Jess’s Lively Show, and it has become an almost nightly routine to combat my insomnia!

  2. We were thrilled to have you and Scott as guests – it was so much fun meeting you and hearing your stories and how you do all you do (with purpose, of course!). Thank you so much for the kind words from your commenters, too!

  3. Hi Kim, great podcast.
    really enjoyed listening to both of you!
    I can recommend the “after the jump” podcast of Grace Bonney (Design Sponge). Always great to listen to her and her guests.
    take care, Katharina

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